Tour Dates & Prices


Tour Dates & Prices



sri lanka Tour 14 day - april 14 to 27    $3,295 USD

South India Tour 14 day - September 29 to October 12    $2,495 USD

Bhutan Tour with guest teacher Anne Domitrovits 9 Day october 14 to 22   $3,345 USD

India Ashram Tour 14 Day - october 23  to november 5    $1,945 USD


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If you have specific inquiries for travel to Asia or other world destinations the owner of Yoga Travels Janice Varuna is available to meet (in-person, Skype, Gmail, FaceTime or phone) to offer her Extensive Travel experience and recommendations to make your trip As incredible and enjoyable as possible.   

Janice's Consultation rates - $60/hour