Yoga Travels Open House in Brockville

Yoga Travels Open House in Brockville

Studio 44 Yoga (map)

Yoga Travels is happy to announce that Peggy Prarena Gillies will be joining us on our 2018 Ashram Tour. She will be teaching and co-leading the tour along with Janice Varuna owner of Yoga Travels. We will be having an Open House at Studio 44 Yoga Brockville, Ont. at 1 to 2 pm followed by a FREE yoga class from 2 to 3pm. You are welcome to join us to learn more about this special tour and opportunity to practice yoga at 3 different ashrams in India. 

Cost:  no charge

RSVP is appreciated as there is limited space.  Please contact us at

Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka Tour

Cost - $3,375 USD

Few countries can boast as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (eight) as Sri Lanka does – all packed into a small area. Impressive ancient sites are plentiful and depict Sri Lanka’s 2000-plus years of culture on cave walls, in temples, and even in its trees.

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, friendly locals, heaps of elephants, tea plantations, lush hills, permeating spirituality, and flavourful food pretty much sum up Sri Lanka. Join us in fall 2017 on an epic yoga-infused adventure to this exotic island.


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South India Kerala Tour

South India Kerala Tour

Cost - $2,495 USD

Join Janice Varuna on this fascinating journey through Kerala in Southern India.  This 14 day yoga and cultural tour will take you through India's tropical south, where you will experience it's idyllic coastline, diverse architecture, captivating culture and warm people.  You will have the opportunity to experience authentic yoga instruction from varied Indian teachers.  

Kerala is well known for its elegant houseboats which travel along the Backwaters as well as for transformative Ayurvedic treatments and incredible cuisine.  Many wild birds and animals call Kerala home - it's hard to deny Kerala's liberal use of the slogan 'God's Own Country'.  we look forward to sharing yoga and this slice of paradise with you in 2018.


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Bhutan Tour with Anne and Janice

Bhutan Tour with Anne and Janice

COST - $3,345 USD

Join Anne Domitrovits (owner of Kalyana Yoga Shala, Ottawa, Canada) and Janice Varuna (owner of Yoga Travels) for an extraordinary adventure of yoga and culture in the land of Gross National Happiness Bhutan. 

Together Anne & Janice will bring you this experience of a lifetime which is enhanced by daily yoga sessions: including monastery meditations, outdoor yoga and yoga nidra. Bhutan is a place where the mountains, rivers and valleys are abodes of the gods. The constant scenes of hills dotted with ancient temples, monasteries and prayer flags are testament to this, whilst in streams prayer wheels powered by the natural water flow turn day and night.

Experience yoga in the Himalayas. 


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India Ashrams Tour with Peggy and Janice

India Ashrams Tour with Peggy and Janice

Cost -  $1,945 USD

Join Janice Varuna (owner and founder of Yoga Travels) and Peggy Prarena Gillies on this life experience of being in India, with like minded people as we learn about the Ashram way of life together.  Each ashram we visit is unique however all of them follow the same basic schedule (see below).  This is an opportunity to find some stillness in your mind and your life as we slow things down, away from continuous phone activity and have the opportunity to practice being in the present moment.

Are you ready for this Ashram “experience/vacation”?

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Are you ready to possibly be outside of your comfort zone and be humbled by your surroundings? Are you ready to stretch yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually? Are you ready for teachings from Indian swamis answering your BIG questions? This tour is for you if you answered yes to these questions and you are comfortable with at times, basic accommodation, a vegetarian diet, a daily schedule, some periods of silence and learning new levels of patience and tolerance for others and especially for yourself.

However, if you expect to have five star accommodation, with boutique hotel rooms, international cuisine and to be comfortable at all times, then this tour is not for you. Ashram life is not glamorous nor are the ashrams luxurious – they are very simple and basic.
Yoga Travels strives to bring you real experiences and our Ashram tour has been designed to offer our clients an authentic Indian Ashram experience.

What is an Ashram?

An ashram is a retreat center with buildings for eating, sleeping, studying, meditating and yoga.

Does this sound intriguing?  Every year we experience Ashram life in different ashrams in India.  We will be there with you from start to finish, to answer your questions and pave the way for a unique and special experience.  

Join us on this exciting tour which will provide you with an authentic Indian Ashram experience. Ashrams have been a place of worship, peace, learning and most importantly inner transformation and experience for centuries. Through various practices such as yoga and meditation as well as participation in ancient rituals and traditions, you will be fully immersed in the Ashram lifestyle. Here you will have the opportunity to join traditional fire poojas ceremonies, ayurvedic cooking courses, receive ancient ayurvedic massages and treatments to suit all aliments and help balance the body's energy points (chakras). With so many ashrams to choose from with varied quality and authenticity, Yoga Travels, with longtime experience in India, provides a tailored trip to bring you to ashrams that will ensure a diverse, streamlined and real Indian ashram experience.  During our tour we will stay at 3 Ashrams being privledged to receive the teachings of three devoted Indian teachers.

Typical Daily Schedule

6:00 Collective meditation

7:00 Yoga Asanas

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Karma Yoga / Study Period

11:30 Satsang (questions and answers)

1:00 Lunch

3:30 Tea

4:00 Individual study or practice / Karma Yoga

5:00 Yoga Asanas (optional)

6:00 Meditation / Kirtan

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Cultural programs: reading, video, talks


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