About Janice Varuna


Janice Varuna is the owner and founder of Yoga Travels.  She has created an exclusive company offering personalized service with exceptional value.  When you contact Yoga Travels Janice is there to respond to your questions about our tours, destinations and yoga.  She founded Yoga Travels in 2008 after over 30 years of project managment, travel and self discovery through yoga and meditation.  She has studied and taught yoga around the world in India, Europe, the Americas and Asia.  Much of her training has been in India where she travels to bi-annually to continue her studies. Having travelled to over 125 countries, Janice has a wealth of business, teaching and travel experiences which she shares along with her passion for life.  Janice knows, through personal experience, that we are capable of so much more than we imagine.

About Carol


Carol has been inspirational in helping Janice establishing Yoga Travels in the travel industry.  She is the breath of fresh air that is so helpful in developing the company and moving us forward.  Carol brings her many years of expertise in business and government to Yoga Travels.


About Anne Domitrovits


A path of Karma yoga was found early on in life for Anne.  Her practice expanded when she was introduced to Hatha yoga.  It was a melding of paths that began the journey.  The yogic journey is one that brings balance, simple abundance, passion, compassion, flexibility, focus, creativity and spirituality.  Coming to the mat was like coming home to a place and space that Anne had always known.  Upon completing an intensive yoga teacher training program under the tutelage of experiences gurus of the Sivananda School of Yoga Anne knew that she had found her calling.


About Peggy Prarena Gillies


Peggy has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years, teaching for 15 years and involved in Yoga Teacher Training for 5 years. What initially began as a supplement to her fitness regime has evolved until now yoga is a part of her daily life that guides her in everything she does.  As a yoga teacher, Peggy drew on her professional background in adult education, leadership and development training, social work and communication. She believes in teaching from the heart so that each class is infused with passion, energy and joy.